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polyester composite strapping manufacturers:characteristic and use method of tensioner

First, what is the introduction of tensioner


Tensioner also known as tether, polyester composite strapping manufacturers binding belt, tether. The main material of the product is synthetic fiber polyester, tensioner function mainly plays the role of binding goods different from the use of lifting belt, often used in the transportation of goods, movement, shipment or storage fixed function, they have locking, will not fall off, safe and reliable, light, easy to operate, protect objects from damage. Tensioner is a manual binding tool, which is composed of webbing, metal handle and metal hook. The basic principle is to make the webbing gradually wound around the half-moon key on the puller through ratchet and grip motion, so as to achieve the purpose of suppository goods.

Three, how to choose a tensioner:


Mainly from the following aspects:polyester composite strapping manufacturers


1. Width – Tensioner handle width 1 inch (0.5T 0.8T 1T 1.2T 1.5t) 1.5 inch (200KG 300KG) 2 inch (2T 3T 5T) 3 inch (10T) 4 inch (10T)


2. Strength – The safe load and breaking load that the tensioner can bear


3. Styles are generally divided into hook type and no hook type polyester composite strapping manufacturers


4. The tensioner protective sleeve can be increased according to the demand



Four, how to use the tensioner


1, hook type use method:


Step: Hook the two hooks respectively on the base, expand the tensioner to bypass the goods to be tied.


The second step: open the tensioner hardware, the webbing through the tensioner half moon key, webbing through the middle, and then through the middle rotation axis back


Step 3: Pull Out Excess webbing


The fourth part: swing the handle back and forth to tighten the webbing and fix it.


The following steps are to release the tensioner


Step 5: Hold the handle of the safety piece, open the tensioner hardware to large, rotation shaft automatically release.


Step 6: Pull out the webber and release the tensioner


2, no hook type use method


Use the tensioner to weave the lead to fix on the base bolt and then circle around the whole product 2. The following steps are the same as the hook type.


Use of tether


Five, tensioner use note:


1. Only the binding tape without damage is used. The label can clearly indicate the capability.


2. When using, please try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners to avoid abrasion or cutting.


3. Avoid twisting and twisting to damage the tensioner.


4. Can not overload use.


5. Do not use the webbing in knots.


6. Do not place objects on the tensioner to avoid injury.


7. Do not use the tensioner as a flexible lifting belt.


Vi. Test requirements for tensioner:


1. The tension of the whole set of tensioner is 1.25LC without deformation or other defects


2. The tension 2LC applied by the whole set of tensioner is not broken


3. The elongation rate of LC applied to the webbing is not more than 7%, and 3LC is not broken when applied

Post time: Dec-28-2022